Monday, October 17, 2011

My Granddaughter is Awesome!

If Grandparents don't brag who will? LOL!!! Saturday was my GD soccer game. She was excited not only did they win 10-0, but she also made three goalies!!!! WooHoo!!!! Her coach commended her on a job well done! I thought I would share some pics of her and then one of her and her fantastic coach. I just was thrilled for her!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Prize Drawing for Ladies Retreat

These are cards that I made for the Ladies Retreat for a prize drawing I went to last weekend. There are 3 others but somehow they got deleted and these were the only two that remained on my camera. I will have to see if the lady who received them will take additional pictures for me to post. I hate when I forget to take pictures of my creations.

Baby Card from Art Philosphy Cartridge

Since I have the Cricut Expression and now the new Cricut Expression 2 machines, I figured I had better start making cards instead of relying on store bought ones. My little neighbor Tara is expecting her first and thought she would enjoy a homemade card instead of a store bought one. Working full-time, takes away from the creativity and you gals who are able to stay home and play while kids are in school, my hat is off to you. Someday I will be able too hopefully! This card was made using the Cricut Art Philsophy Cartridge by Creative Memories. It is a great cartridge and I see many cards in the future being made from this very cartridge. I believe I like the E2 Machine better than the original. I mean afterall it has 17 more buttons to do what you wish, bigger screen and most of all it just seems to operate better than the first edition. I thought about selling my first one, but have decided against it; as I know as I began to make holiday gifts I can have 2 going at the same time. I didn't have any baby DP so I made my own, using stamps from different SU sets and the baby's name was made with thicklet letters, although after I had put everything away, I could of used the alphabet on the cartridge. LOL!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Photo Cards

I am so glad the weekend is here. I am also thankful that we are safe and not having to worry about the hurricane. But I will say the east coast is in my prayers and I am waiting to here from my neice who lives in North Carolina. Luckily for us on the west coast they are not that common but we do have the shake, rattle and roll when earthquakes hit. It is a humid 102 degrees here today! I have been working on cards in my room to stay cool. I made these for a special neighbor lady. I hope she likes them as her name is Rose. She takes care of Sugarbaby while we go out for errands, dinner or a show. And then she will take care of her when we go on vacation, so I wanted to give her a thank you gift. All the cards are made with real photographs of roses hubby took back when we had our photography business. I made some a couple of years ago and they are archived on my blog under "Photography" if you would like to see them. I am thinking I will be making some for the OWH to send to the military as I am sure they would enjoy seeing flowers, nature and such to cheer them up instead of always looking at brown and dirt. I found out that my Cricut Card I made "You Make My Heart Flutter" (post before this one) was loved and enjoyed by the receipent who received it. Which makes my heart jump for joy!!!! So I am thinking I will be making some more of those soon for the OWH Group. Its hard to believe that September is just a few days away. Where has time gone? Without further adieu, here are the cards for my sweet friend and neighbor Rose. I'm only showing one with what the inside looks like as I feel the inside needs to be finished to look nice when the receipent receives the hand written note that will be inside. So all the cards shown here are finished on the inside as well. The glare was so bad inside, that I had to take them outside to get a proper picture. Guess I should have used my hubby's professional camera instead of my little Nikon Coolpix. Enjoy!!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You Make My Heart Flutter

Hello Ladies! I have just one card to share with you today. I made this using the Cricut Expresson. I think the only way you can see some of the intricate cuts is to make them fit a 5x5 card. I tried a smaller version and it just seemed to be to jumbled together. But am pleased with how this one turned out. Of course I had to use stickles on it and pop the heart to make it stand out. LOL!!! I think this would be a great card to give on Valentines Day and have thought of making about 12 of these for the OWH, but with them being bigger I'm not sure they would fit in the box that they use to ship the cards to our military. Will have to check with Sandy and see what she thinks. I have been busy working on other things in the background and promise to have some items to show to you real soon. I have begun to think about the making of christmas ornaments again like I did last year. I think if I remember correctly I made close to 150 of them and am hoping not so many this year, but we shall see. LOL!!!! Hope you all have a great week!!!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I have been busy working on cards for OWH and for personal ones as well. I have made myself start using my Cricut Expression. I only have 51 cartridges and two more are on the way from the rewards I submitted. So being that there is a major investment sitting here in my craft room, I figured I better get busy before hubby gets upset. LOL!!! Anyway, I mainly used the following carts for the cards, Sophisticated, Ornamental Iron 2, Straight From The Nest, Home Accents and Fancy Frames. I found if I designed the layout on the Gypsy on how I wanted the card to look, then cut out all the pieces, and then assembled them, it seemed to go faster instead of doing each one by one which would take much longer then having an assembly line going. I really like the new carts they have been coming out with. All the fancy flourishes and frames gives the sentiment a whole different look. Plus I am a girly girl, so the more elegant designs and the curliques they have the happier I am! LOL!!!! It has been an experience though as I have had to learn to set the speed and pressure correctly as not to waste the expensive cardstock. I di find that if I did mutliple cuts on the heavier cardstock, it punched out much easier without tearing the intricate parts of the design of the framing. I have been taking my Gypsy to work so I can play around with designs on my breaks and lunch hour which then saves me time when I get home so I can go right to the Cricut Expression and begin cutting it all out. needless to say I have 4 more baskets full of different designs to be assembled. I am really enjoying using my "E" and hope that the military men and women will like them as well. Next is Christmas Cards as the deadline to OWH is October.

Monday, July 4, 2011


I hope everyone will be having a wonderful day celebrating our freedom. May you have a wonderful and blessed day of family, friends, swimming, bbqing, eating watermelon and games. Take a moment today to stop and say a thankful prayer for our military men and women who are fighting to protect our freedom. Without them we could be like many other countries who are at war and not peace. We as Americans have so much to be thankful for and we at times forget how fortunate we are to live in this wonderful country where we can have the freedom to express our beliefs, the way we dress and who we can befriend. May your day and evening be full of fireworks.


Friday, July 1, 2011


Forgot to add these two pictures to last post. Was interrupted and just realized they were not showing up...uhmm because I never loaded them. LOL!!! Thanks for looking.

Cricut Expression & Gypsy-So This Is What I Can Do...

Okay, I know that the Cricut Expression and the Gypsy has been around for quite sometime and I have had mine for a year or so, but really had not played with it until hubby asked how come you don't use these? You have 30 cartridges and just had to have them! Needless to say he made me feel really guilty about not using these wonderful "Toys" and since I have seen so many items, cards, wall decor made with these fantabulous machines, I figured it was time to get it out , set it up in my room and get to know how to use it. I even had custom ordered special cozies for the Expression, the Gypsy and the Cuttlebug to match through Kathy's Cozies Etsy shop! I think I was more hindered about cutting the correct size, using the correct pressure, speed and so on. OWH had a challenge for the month of June for the Second Million and stated that although the general cards were being asked for, the military men and women were asking for Thinking of You and Love cards to send home to their loved ones. I began to go through my cartridges to see which ones I could cut to make these requested cards. As you can see I manged to come up with 3 using the machine, besides the cuttlebug and Stampin Up Punches. In making these cards it has now made me want to use the CE more. I spent 3 hours last night working on the gypsy designing new cards to cut for this weekend. I have now become addicted to it and laugh at myself as to why it took me so long to use this wonderful machine. My head is already spinning on sayings I want to do throughout my home with vinyl and Christmas gifts that will be one of a kind. Of course with the release of new cartridges on Hello Thursday, it won't take me long before I am purchasing the newest carts that are being offered. LOL! I hope that these cards that have been made and sent to OWH will be liked by some military person and the one receiving it, will feel the love and warmth from the sender. I plan on making some Anniversary cards that can be sent home as well. Needless to say there endless ideas, and thousands of combinations that can be used to make cards, gifts and so on. Since I'm off for four days due to the long Holiday I will be busy in my craftroom designing and making another batch of cards to send to OWH.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Great Weekend!!!!

Hello all. Hope you gals had a wonderful weekend. Mine was just fabulous! It was my birthday and the weekend was wonderful. Prelude to my birthday on Saturday, my hubby had arranged for about 6 friends to come over and hang out with me while he went shopping on Friday. Had a couple bottles of wine, laughed, talked about our grandchildren and our children, past marriages and just girly stuff. I was asked how my sweet daughter Vanessa met her precious husband Adam and I told them the story and how at the reception, he got the zipper stucked in her dress while trying to help get her out of the hot dress (it was 108 degrees that September day 13 years ago) and I had to go in and help him get it unstucked so they could get dressed and join the party. I'm not sure who laughed more, me or the gals, but it was a fun time to reminisce. I think our little get together lasted until 1:00 A.M.! Saturday, my daughter came to spend the day and night with me which was perfect! We had breakfast, went and shopped and then came back and proceeded to spend the rest of the day and evening in my craftroom making cards, sharing thoughts and had a fabulous dinner that hubby barbequed for us. Sunday was our granddaughter Autumn's first birthday. We went over there to celebrate hers and my DIL had made me a cake with Tinkerbell on it in chocolate..yummy, only had a small sliver but it was the thoughtfulness that counted. Left there around 5 and here I sit sharing all that took place with my fellow bloggers. Hope your weekend will continue to be great!!!! Birthdays are a sign of gaining another year of wisdom and knowledge and you are truly only as old as you feel....I feel like I am 35 again! Yippee!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weekend Is Almost Here!

Just thought I would check in and say I am still here. No pictures of a card today. This weekend is my birthday and I am so excited as my daughter Vanessa will be spending Friday through Sunday with me. We haven't had a mom/daughter one on one time in quite sometime and both of us are planning to go do some shopping, lunch and then come back and hang out in my craftroom, have a glass of wine or two and be crafty. I think last time we did this was last year and it was only for a day as Reece her youngest one was not use to being away from mom for long periods of time. Knowing her, she will want to go through all the stuff I have and see what can be made. I think in all honesty I could open up my own craft store and I am sure there are many of you out there who can say the same thing. LOL!!! My DH has made a nice surprise for me and refinished a desk for my craftroom that he located that someone was throwing away. Just needed to be sanded down, new knobs and painted it black and white. I will have to upload a pictures so you all can see. He also found a kitchen island that had been used as a drafting desk and took it completely apart, sanded it and painted it black and white to go with the desk, and my room is finally starting to come together and looking sharp! You know what they say 'One Man's Trash is another Man's Treasure". I am very fortunate to have a hubby who can fix anything and build anything. He has saved us major $$$$ throughout these last 19 years! Anyway, hope you all have a great weekend that is forthcoming and I will have cards to post on Monday and pics of the desk and island.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!

Good morning all! It's good to be able to be in my scraproom today. The weekend has been busy and I think I finally can work in here without feeling guilty about making sure something else isn't getting done in the house. I just love this image. It was RAK'd to me along time ago and like I have stated before these images are finally being put to use for the OWH. I feel so good inside knowing that making these cards for the military men and women is bringing a smile and joy to their families here back in the states. It seems birthday's are always needed to send home as someone has a birthday everyday somewhere here in the states. Anyway thanks for looking. The image is by Whipper Snapper; Stampin Up products...cardstock, markers, crystal effects; stickles, pop-up dots for sentiments.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Thinking of You and Just A Note

I believe this is another Whipper Snapper image as again it was RAK'd to me. Isn't he cute? I wish I had more of him as I would have done some different coloring variations of him instead of the solid color, but these will work as I am sure one of the OWH family members will enjoy getting it. I think these are more on the "Masculine" side and would be perfect for little boys. Anyway just wanted to share another card set that goes into the box to Sandy for OWH.

My Sunshine

I just love this image by Whiff of Joy, but again I only have a few as they were RAK'd to me again. This is another card for OWH. I forgot I had her and thought it was an appropriate one to send especially with her blowing hearts (kisses) out of her hand. I just purchased that Spellbinder die (hearts) and I have found that it is hard to remove the paper once it has been cut, especially if the paper is thinner than cardstock weight. I have learned to slowly do a section at a time so as not to tear it. I used the sentiment from the Justrite Stamps. Thank you for stopping by and seeing what I am creating.

Happy Birthday

I just love this image. I believe it is by Whipper Snapper or Penny Black? I'm not sure as a friend sent them to me as a Random Act of Kindness. This is another card that is being sent with the OWH cards I have been making for the troops. I have had fun rediscovering the images I have had on hand these couple of years. I should have used them long before this, but you can only make so many cards and then they are just stashed. But now I'm happy to make them as they are being used for a worthy cause. I spent the whole weekend working in my craft room. My DH has found a desk and has been striping it and getting it ready to paint for my craft room. I'm so excited as my room is finally starting to come together and will add extra storage due to the eight drawers. Anyway, just wanted to share that tidbit. Hope there are more of you paper crafters gearing up for the 2 million challenge from OWH which you can click onto the left side of my post.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I have been feverishly working on more cards for OWH and think I am about ready to get them packed up an sent out to the distribution center. I have made myself go out of the comfort zone and tried to not over embellish them so I could get many more made at one time, but it must be the OCD in me that makes me think it needs just one more thing. In essence the boyish cards are easier as you can't really add ribbons, glitter and bling to them. But I think they have turned out okay especially since they are designed for kids and they really aren't going to care as they will be excited to receive a card from either Mommy or Daddy who is away overseas. These were digital stamps that were free on someone's blog and I failed to put the name of the digital designer in the file name, so if this is yours, please let me know so I can give credit due to the artist. The same goes for the girly ones Ihave made, again I failed to type the artists name for these free digi images as well. I am now making sure I type the name so when they are printed I can write the name on the back of the image lightly with pencil. I hope that whoever selects these out of the many boxes that are shipped will enjoy sending them to their children. I have some others to share with you but will post another set tomorrow. I need to try and post daily as some have emailed me and said they have missed my blog not being updated and wondering when I am going to be showing more of the cards I make with pictures that was photogrpahed when we had our photography business. I'm thinking that some of them might be appreciated overseas as I know they don't get to see a lot of flowers, or things that we take for granted for here in the states. have a great evening. All cardstock used was Stamping Up along with various scraps of printed paper I had.

Good Evening

Thought I would post a few pics of cards I have been working on. We recently reunited with some friends we hadn't seen in 3 years and it was an amazing time. I was able to go to Hobby Lobby for the very first time and was in awe of how large this store was. As I entered the doors with my friend all I could say was "Oh My, Oh My" and the sales clerk walked by when I was on my 10th time of saying that and she said "You can always tell when there is a new person in the store" of coursed we all laughed! Anyway, its only an hour and half from where I live and I never knew we had one in California. Learn something new everyday. Here is my card I made as a thank you to her and her hubby for entertaining us for three days. Her kitchen is in yellow and blues and she loves birds so I thought this set from Stampin Up "Wings of Friendship" was perfect! I used Not Quite so Navy ink, Crushed Curry for the flowers and bird and the cardstock was Crushed Curry, Not Quite Navy and Kraft. Embellished with some rhinestones from Reflections. The bird and the flowers are popped up as well as the sentiment. Thanks for looking.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Are You Up For The 2 Million Challenge?

For those of you who are involved in the OWH you will know that the 1 millionth card was sent to the ship that buried Osama Bin Laden. It is now time to start the second million of cards. Cards seem to slow down during the summer months due to vactions, but OWH has a challenge going on and the deadline is June 30th! So get your creative juices, ideas and all your stamping supplies and help us get under way to meet the next million cards! Click Here for all the details. Check back as I will be showing new pics of the cards that are being sent to the OWH Headquarters.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another batch to send off to OWH

Well, I have finally made another batch of cards to send off to OWH to go with the other ones I have waiting in a box. Its really hard for me to not to be able to really deck them out with embellies and lots of bling, but rules must be followed and I know that the family members who receive these cards along with the thousands of others submitted won't care that they aren't all blinged out over embellished. But was told by Sandy that if using stickles that the glittered part must be covered with glossy accents to ensure that the glitter is definitely adhered to and won't come off. A major safety precaution since the smallest speck of light can be seen by night vision goggles by the enemy. So its understandable why this a major rule. Its a great satisfaction to myself, knowing that I am helping bring some cheer to the military families. We are getting ready to gear up for a makings of Father's Day cards. So if you haven't hopped on board, what are you waiting for? I have found that if I take a week and just color images first, then select the coordinating papers it seems to move a lot faster instead of coloring one image, assembling it and starting it over again with another. I know that there are many who have done a processing line, color, cuts, assemble, package, but I can't seem to get in that mode. LOL!!! Everyone has a way of doing things and no matter how it is done, as long as it gets to the military guys/women thats all that matters. Anyway one last card to show you and I'm off to start another round, plan on getting the 50 plus cards I have off this week. I know it will be crazy as Easter is upon us and the mail will be extra heavy. Aagin I can't state enough, come help a worthy cause and support our military. Their families will thank you for the cards they have received from their loved ones who are in the field. Have a great day and will be back soon with another batch to share with you.

We have a new member to the family

Drum roll Sugarbaby! She is a Whippet (miniature greyhound). She is the sweetest thing and so loveable. We got her through the PAAC. We haven't had any animals since Dec 2009 when we lost both of our babies of 13 years to cancer at the same time! Hubby vowed he could never own another dog as their deaths took a major toll on us both, but he passed by the cage and she extended her paw out to him and the rest was history. She is already spoiled; has a new harness inetad of a collar and a special bed made from the swoft velour blankets. New toys and spoiled with lots of love. She's 1 -1/2 yrs old and her features are very delicate. Long legs and can run upto 20 miles an hour as they are a very athelitic breed and they love to run. Just thought we would share our new joy with you all.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Reposting of Operation Write Home Cards

Here are the last few I needed to repost due to some mix up on the computer.

Operation Write Home Cards

Something went crazy on my blog so I have had to repost some of the older post to get it back up and running. As stated before I have been involved in making cards for the Operation Write Home ( for the military to send to their loved ones cards and let them know they are thinking of them. Little hard to locate cards when you are far away from any store and from what I understand there isn't much for them to purchase in PBX, so by doing this, it helps boost their morale by sending love and hugs to family members at home. For the month of March we sent over 65,000 cards and that included Mother's Day Cards! Care packages are filled with hundreds of homemade blank cards for them to select from. You really need to go onto the website and learn more as this is a worthy cause ladies! Here are some more cards that have been posted previously, but due to the glitch must be reposted again. If there ever was a cause other than the cause for Cancer to send cards I would have to say this is it! There is coloring pages that you can download for your students, sunday school children and grandkids to color and to even a form for them to write a hero a letter. This means so much to them. I hope you will take the time to dedicate some cards. As Sandy said its not the quantity but the quality of the cards. So if you can only due 5 a month great and if more than that is awesome! Be sure to check the schedule of when they are needing certain holiday cards. But mostly needed is birthday, thinking of you, miss you, thank you and especially cards that are aimed at children. They love getting mail from their mommies and daddies! Enjoy!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Thought I would share a few pictures of the cards that I have been making in multiples to send to the OWH. I am a real fanatic on detailing and wanting to add extra embellishments but to sticking to the required guidelines, I have to have them just a little more plain than I would like too but then again the loved one receiving it from their loved one doesn't care that its fancy or not. Its the thought of them thinking about them and thats what is important. Did you know that Operation Write Home sent out 14,709 cards alone last month to our miltary? Is that not awesome? To date more than 800,000 have been made by crafters nationally and internationally. Not going to bother giving descriptions of the stamp names, cardstock use and so forth. I really am hoping you all will get on the band wagon and help make our servic men and women smile when they receive these wonderful boxes of cards that are gathered not only from USA but also internationally. The comments that are received by the loved ones and the military themselves makes you want to do more for them. Enjoy

Monday, January 31, 2011


I just signed up to become involved in the "Operation Write Home" for our service men and women. Making cards and sending them to our troops to write home is such an awesome way to say thank you to them for keeping us safe and "Land of The free" and not to mention how much the loved homes back home love getting a card that is handmade! This past weekend I made 6 cards and am hoping to have at least 100 done before the deadline of February 20th. If you are just making cards to be making them or receiving them from swaps and/or they are collecting dust in a box on your shelf, pull them out and donate them to this worthy cause. Check out the guidelines of what is allowed and isn't as well as allowed embellishments for all in the good of keeping our soldiers safe!

The thank you letters sent back to Sandy on the OWH blog just makes your heart melt as they are sincerely appreciative of receiving them and able to let their loved ones back home know that they are in their thoughts. Here is the OWH link to check out this amazing organization. You'll feel good knowing you are doing something for our "Awesome Soldiers"! There is even coloring pages for your children to color and write to them to include with your cards! So get on board for this wonderful cause you'll be so gratified knowing you are doing something to bring them a ray of sunshine and a smile during their difficult times over there. :)

Cards Made: 30/100

Friday, January 14, 2011

Its a New Year..

Hello Fellow Bloggers! I hope you had wonderful holidays and that the new year is bringing you new creativity ideas and renewed strength. The last time I was on here I posted about a friendship that had gone away. Yes, it hurt and took me almost two months to finally recover (about 1/2 way). Through the help of another sweet Christian friend, I have been able to see the light at the end of this dark tunnel I was traveling through. She reminded me of how much my talent was needed in this world of uncertainess and awful attitudes people seem to be experiencing. She reminded me that the talent that I have was given to me by our Lord Jesus Christ and reminded me that I needed to use it to reach others and show the love that he shows me on a daily basis. Her email was long but I know that her words were from the Lord himself as she so eloquently typed it with such love. I have started creating again and hope to have something to show you within the next week. I want to thank you for staying with me through this difficult path. I know I'm not the only one who has experienced this, but it just seems harder and longer to recover from it compared to when I was 20 years younger. I'm leaving this post with a picture of a rose that my husband took last year. Its beauty and warmness reminds me of the light that God sheds on me daily and that the color of the rose is the deep red for heart felt love he has for me. I pray you have wonderful weekend and I will be back in a few days to post what I have been working on. Again thanks for your understanding through my trying time. Hugs!