Friday, May 14, 2010

Almost 3 months...

I cannot believe I have not posted on my blog for 3 months! Time has certainly gotten away from me and a lot has happened since I last posted. I haven't even had time to craft like I usually do but the mojo is coming back and hopefully I will be able to post pictures of a creation very soon.

Since moving to the 55+ community we have been busy it seems every night and weekend. I have finally finished up decorating our new place and feel that there are just minor touches that still need to be done, but have yet to find that certain something for a couple of the rooms to give it a "WOW" factor. But the important rooms we entertain in the kitchen , livingroom and diningroom are completed and people who visit state it is warm and cozy and definitely has a WOW factor when you walk in and we love it.

The Lord has blessed us with two couples in our life that we have befriended here. I knew from the start when I first met the gals that God had something special planned and how special he has made it! We are inseparable and we are always having hot tea and sharing our most inner secrets of things from the past and we each have had a BFF moment where you can just let it all out and cry and the great thing is that when one of us don't know what to say but are feeling the pain of that particular friend..we just cry with her. You have girlfriends in school, when you are young and sometimes when you are older. But God has truly blessed me with these women who are of the same morals and values as I. Who love their families and grandbabies, who worship God 24/7 and attend his church every Sunday, who make you laugh when you done some silly antic and who are there to give constructive critisicism when needed. Who love you unconditionally and help you sing the words to a song you had forgotten. I have truly been blessed by these two women and I know that is of God's hand that he placed us all in the same place at the right time.

Wayne has become close to their husbands and we teasingly call them the "Three peas in a pod" as they are always getting into trouble with us gals and or doing something goofy. LOL!!! The men are just inseparable as us women and they don't go anywhere without the other two when running errands.

I pray that you will continue to visit my blog. I know it has been far and few beyween posts and I am sorry for that but life has just been happening and wonderful. Please visit soon as I promise their will be new creations and even pics of the new place.