Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Life Can Change So Quickly....

Its hard to imagine that its been 4 months since I last posted on here. In the 4 months of my absence my husband passed away after a long battle with cancer. He went into ICU on my birthday (June 25th) and passed away 3 months and 3 days later. It has been a very exhausting and tiring journey, but he and I both finally reached the peaceful shores from the turbulent waters we had been treading. He is now up in heaven with our precious Lord and Savior; talking and walking on the streets of gold with Jesus and all of our loved ones who have gone before him. He is no longer in pain and has anew body to run, walk and move like he never was able to before. I will be getting back into crafting and sharing items at the beginning of the year, but for now I can't even go upto my craftroom as he built it for me and all the customazation he did, makes it hard to be in there as I see him everywhere in there and just cry. So please be patient and say a prayer for me to regain my strength and help the healing process become a little easier. After 20 years of having a soulmate sent from heaven, its hard to be alone in the house and time will heal I know, but until then...thank you for checking in. Please feel free to leave comments. Here is my sweet hubby's memorial page for any who would like to read it:

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hi Everyone!!!

It's hard to believe its been 6 weeks since I last posted on here, but time has a way of getting away from you. Hubby finished up his radiation about 2 weeks ago and is doing good. The radiation continues to work in the body for another three weeks. We go back to the radiologist on July 5 to see if any further treatment is needed. Crossing fingers (xx) that the cancer has been completely eradicated. We go back to USC on the July 11th for another MRI to see how everything compares to the first MRI they took. Hubby has kind of gotten back to himself, yesterday we went to see an opthamologist to get him glasses to keep the right eye strengthen and from being so strained as it has been these last few months. He has cut back on the pain meds and that has seem to help him have more energy and easier to be around. At the end of this month we are going with friends over to the coast for 4 days and I think that will do him good to get away form the ordinary routine and hum drum of everyday of being home. I have been working on projects and will be posting them as soon as I get the pictures unloaded from camera. Thank you for all your prayers, they certainly have worked for him and are still needed until this journey ends.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thank You and Update

Good Morning All! It has been a crazy month and a half, but things seem to be looking brighter on this journey we are on.  Before I go any further, this is the card I have made in multiples to send out this week to all who have been so kind, compassionate and johnny on the spot for everything from taking him to his cancer treatments, cooking yummy dinners, cleaning our home, running errands and being there just to give us a shoulder to cry on and who have lifted us up in continuous prayer. There are not enough words in the dictionary to tell them how appreciative we are of the love they have showed us!!!! Hubby had the "Big Surgery" on April 6th. They were able to remove most of the cancer and had stated that the 4 weeks of radiation he had, did shrink the cancer some; but they found that the cancer had definitely spread to the brain in the cavenous sinuses. They removed nerves, muscles and all the other stuff that is in the orbital area of the left eye. His left eye was to be removed, but they left that and his eye will now be permanently closed since he has no muscle to raise the lid. So hence, we begin radiation again in two weeks for the cancer in the brain. Chemotheraphy isn't an option as it was stated to us that the brain doesn't absorb but 1% of the medicine used in chemo. It was a little disheartening to hear that, but on the brighter side my hubby's survival rate went from 2 to 5% to 25%. So Needless to say we're excited about that. Please contniue to pray for him as we still have a very long journey ahead of us. Thanks for looking!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Good Monday Evening!!!

I hope your weekend was restful and you managed to get some things done that needed to be done in your craft room. I have been making out my plan of action for items that I will be making for the Relay For Life Bazaar. If I can get them done, it would benefit our team quite well. But I needed to get these cards posted that I made back in February to celebrate Love and Valentine's Day and never got them posted as things were starting to get a little crazy with hubby's illness. So here they are without further adieu. I used a combination of Stamps, Cricut Cartridges and papers that I have had for quite awhile. My kids and even my hubby tease me and tell me that I could open up my own store with all the craft supplies I have accumulated over the years. LOL!!! But I am a sucker for glittery papers, bling and anything that has hearts and is very girly and feminine. But I think my favorite colors of papers I seem to go after over and over again are the blacks, reds, shimmery whites and silvers. There is something just so rich about them. Which may explain why my hideway/craftroom is done in these colors especially black and white with a hint of red. Touches of silver/chrome here and there. I guess that seems to be the mainstay of a lot of craftrooms that I have seen on many forums. Its just a bold and yet clean crisp look. Enjoy!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Where Does Time Go???

I have finally gotten back into my room again. With Hubby starting his cancer treatments, things have been in a whirlwind. We just finished his 3rd week of the 7 weeks of radiation. But that may change as we are headed to USC on Wednesday as there seems to maybe (xx crossing fingers) be a change in the treatment plan. All I know is his doctor down there insisted on seeing him Wednesday and explained to me that we would be her last appointment as she needed to talk with us at length, so I am going to go out on the limb and say that maybe the "big surgery" will be taking place. Radiation takes an awful toll on your body and my sweet hubby is trying to be a trooper, but the pain in his face and his body slowing down just breaks my heart. Anyway please continue to pray for him, the doctors and what lies ahead for us. Thank you to all the ladies from SCS who continue to send him cards of support, encouragement and inspiration. You have no idea how much it lightens his day up when he receives cards from ladies who don't even know him but know me through SCS especially when its a bad day after his treatment. I have managed to get two tiles done with quotes for my friend Vikki. Two neighbors happen to pop by when I was finishing this one up and each of them requested one as well done one on gray tile with white vinyl and the other one done with a black tile done in grey vinyl. I will be placing these for sale in my etsy store soon. Have a wonderful evening!

Monday, March 5, 2012

2011 Christmas Gifts....Tile with Quote

These were the tiles I made for family and friends last year for the Christmas 2011. Took me awhile to figure out a gift that could be used all year long and not just during holidays. This saying is one of my daughter's favorites and I thought this could be used in anyone's home no matter their decor. It has been fun making these and the requests have come in for additional tiles with different quotes. I'm anxious (well not too anxious...LOL!!!) for the holidays to roll around again as I have come up with some ideas using the tiles again for this year as gifts specifically for the holidays in this size as well as smaller and even larger than a 12x12. It seems once I discovered you can do anything with vinyl I instantly became hooked! LOL!!! My poor Cricut Machine is getting its little needle worked! When you go into the home improvement stores and you buy 3 of this color and 2 of this color or even 1, they make a comment of "Oh, guess you can't decide on what color of flooring to do in your home". I just laugh and say no its for a gift and they give you the oddest look. LOL!!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

For A Friend

This saying known as the "Serenity Prayer" is used for many organizations. It is used for AA, Drug Rehab, the loss of a loved one and so on. A dear sweet friend of mine asked me if that prayer could be placed on a 12x12 tile similar to the one I had made for her as a gift for Christmas (different saying). I told her I didn't think it would be a problem, just would have to critique the font sizes. I asked who it was for and she stated for her daughter as she would be coming out of rehab in about 28 days. Her daughter had made a comment that she really liked that prayer as it was used at the facility she was at now and when she got out and was at home, she wanted to see it daily to remind her that no matter how tough things can get that she can get through it. Its funny how when you are doing a special request/gift for someone and they select a certain quote or as in this case a prayer how it can help you yourself. I too had forgotten about this prayer and it reminded me that with all that I am going through with my hubby, that I too can benefit from it to help keep me calm and know that God will give me serenity, courage and wisdom to get through our long journey ahead. We really never know the power of a quote/prayer and how it affects each of us differently until we are on a rocky road full of obstacles and yet knowing at the end it will finally be smooth and easy to walk on.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Therapy....

As my husband begins his long journey down the road to recovery and to keep my sanity, I have promised myself "ME" time in my craftroom. I have missed making cards, altered items and other crafty items since we found out that he has cancer. And in order to help keep my stress level down, I needed to do what I love and that was papercrafting. Its really amazing how card making or any papercrafting can get your mind off other worries and let yourself get totally absorb into the creation you are making. So with that being said, I drugged out a new set that I had ordered months ago from Verve (love this company) and inked it up for the first time and made this card. I love the plaid and pink and browns. The letters are covered in crystal accents and you really can't see the shininess on the letters. All has been popped out using SU dimensionals. I then used Pink Pearl by stickles to give the hearts some dimension.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Prayers Have Been Answered!!!!!!

Hubby's first treatment is tomorrow the 29th!!!!!!! But let me step back in time for a moment to get us to where we are today.

2/22/12~~~I first want to say...THANK YOU TO ALL YOU PRAYER WARRIORS FOR WAYNE!!!! Warning this is a long post. LOL!!! Friday, February 17th was to be just a consultation at the Florence Wheeler Cancer Center. Hubby and I went in with the expectation that the Dr would have the results of the PETA scan and then make suggestions as to what treatment plan would be and then we would have to wait for further authorization for treatment. He had great bedside manners, and the people who work at the center are so sincere and compassionate. He said the PETA scan was clear as there were no other hot spots in the body.YEA!!!!! He looked at my hubby and said Mr. Burgess why did this take so long? As you definitely need this taken care of as he is looking through the chart. He said I believe that radiation will take care of this and if by chance it doesn't then what is ever remaining will be taken care of by the Dr at USC. But I firmly believe we can handle it all here and the only appointment you will need to see the surgeon at USC will be for him to correct your lid, since it has stretched so much...in other words a nip and tuck, to be able to see. Anyway, he stated that they needed to do another MRI with and without contrast, as well as a CT Scan with and without contrast and he needed to have his lab work done again. He said let me get the nurse and get this arranged; as he left the room I looked at him and said well we are another step closer and I said to hubby I need to tell him to be sure to mark it "stat" or the insurance company would put it on the back burner. I got up to tell him this and and he came back into the room and said, there is no need for any further authorization but I said it says only one visit on the authorization form. He smiled, placed his hand on my shoulder and said this is the authorization for treatment to begin TODAY!!!! We looked at each other and I just started crying! Hubby had tears as well plus a loud sigh of "Finally!!!"All tests were ran blood work, everything and was read back to us. They made a mask for hubbys face that will be placed on him as they do the radiation. It will then be screwed to the table to keep his head still and non-moveable during each treatment. We arrived at the center at 8:30 and left at 4:30. I told him this was the best 8 hours we have ever spent. They will be mapping out the radiation and once the doctor approves of the site where the radiation will be used it will begin as soon as Tuesday, or Wednesday the 29th the latest. So am I jumping for joy? Am I elated with pure joy? Oh you have no idea!!!! We feel like a 1000 pounds has been lifted off of our shoulders!!! Wayne is in better spirits today and his pain level is lessening. The doctor put him on cortisone to help get the swelling down and inflammation. GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!!! Everyone thank you for your prayers; please continue to pray for the cancer to be completely gone once the 7 weeks is up.

We have had several friends say they would be willing to help get him back and forth to his appointments so I wouldn't have to miss so much work, which has help relieve major financial burden off my shoulders. Our friends who offered were, Erica, Donyl, Rose and Chuck and we have truly been blessed by all of them who are willing to help when they can; but to have my ex-husband Geoff and his wife Vikki offer their help is really a blessing!!! I mean really think about it....how many ex's and their spouses would be willing to help you that you were once married to? I know to some of you that may sound strange, but through the years, differences have been set aside and we have become close friends or should I say more like extended family; we have stayed in touch with each other through holidays, birthdays, milestones in each others lives, in our losses of losing our parents, and so on. It has been good to have them as friends, knowing that we are there for each other and also because we are all now proud grandparents of 5 beautiful grandkids given to us by our children. I can't begin to thank the Lord enough for all who come forward to give us support and help in making sure my hubby gets well. They are truly angels in my eyes. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine Cards

Here are a couple of cards I manage to make while trying to keep my mind busy. I used Cricut Cartridges in them and will list them as soon as I get time. They are simple cards for me as I really like to fuss and make them more fancey, but again just hadn't been in the mood.

2012 Has Got To Be Better....

The last time I posted was in October about our granddaughter great soccer plays. I have managed to make cards, and Christmas gifts through the last couple of months, but blogging on my blog was the least of my worries. A lot has happened since then. The big "C" has entered into our family with a vegenance and as I type this I am praying all will go well in the next few months for my darling hubsand. He has been diagnosis with malignant cancer which has metastize and it is taken a hold of his body. It started out in October the size of a pea and by December 15th it grew to a size of a small lime behind his left eye. It has began to put feelers out into his brain, back of his neck and lung. We go for a PETA scan Friday to see if there are anymore hot spots before they begin treatments next week. I pray there are no more. He is of small stature and has lost 15 lbs (which he can't afford to lose) and is being kept on morphine for the pain that is so excruiating, which makes him sleep alot. I have tried to stay positive, but there are days it gets the best of me. Anyway, I figured the best thing for me to do is put my nervous energy into my crafting and share it here on my blog. I ask for prayers for my hubby Wayne as you peruse my blog. Thank you so much.