Monday, March 5, 2012

2011 Christmas Gifts....Tile with Quote

These were the tiles I made for family and friends last year for the Christmas 2011. Took me awhile to figure out a gift that could be used all year long and not just during holidays. This saying is one of my daughter's favorites and I thought this could be used in anyone's home no matter their decor. It has been fun making these and the requests have come in for additional tiles with different quotes. I'm anxious (well not too anxious...LOL!!!) for the holidays to roll around again as I have come up with some ideas using the tiles again for this year as gifts specifically for the holidays in this size as well as smaller and even larger than a 12x12. It seems once I discovered you can do anything with vinyl I instantly became hooked! LOL!!! My poor Cricut Machine is getting its little needle worked! When you go into the home improvement stores and you buy 3 of this color and 2 of this color or even 1, they make a comment of "Oh, guess you can't decide on what color of flooring to do in your home". I just laugh and say no its for a gift and they give you the oddest look. LOL!!!!

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