Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another batch to send off to OWH

Well, I have finally made another batch of cards to send off to OWH to go with the other ones I have waiting in a box. Its really hard for me to not to be able to really deck them out with embellies and lots of bling, but rules must be followed and I know that the family members who receive these cards along with the thousands of others submitted won't care that they aren't all blinged out over embellished. But was told by Sandy that if using stickles that the glittered part must be covered with glossy accents to ensure that the glitter is definitely adhered to and won't come off. A major safety precaution since the smallest speck of light can be seen by night vision goggles by the enemy. So its understandable why this a major rule. Its a great satisfaction to myself, knowing that I am helping bring some cheer to the military families. We are getting ready to gear up for a makings of Father's Day cards. So if you haven't hopped on board, what are you waiting for? I have found that if I take a week and just color images first, then select the coordinating papers it seems to move a lot faster instead of coloring one image, assembling it and starting it over again with another. I know that there are many who have done a processing line, color, cuts, assemble, package, but I can't seem to get in that mode. LOL!!! Everyone has a way of doing things and no matter how it is done, as long as it gets to the military guys/women thats all that matters. Anyway one last card to show you and I'm off to start another round, plan on getting the 50 plus cards I have off this week. I know it will be crazy as Easter is upon us and the mail will be extra heavy. Aagin I can't state enough, come help a worthy cause and support our military. Their families will thank you for the cards they have received from their loved ones who are in the field. Have a great day and will be back soon with another batch to share with you.

We have a new member to the family

Drum roll Sugarbaby! She is a Whippet (miniature greyhound). She is the sweetest thing and so loveable. We got her through the PAAC. We haven't had any animals since Dec 2009 when we lost both of our babies of 13 years to cancer at the same time! Hubby vowed he could never own another dog as their deaths took a major toll on us both, but he passed by the cage and she extended her paw out to him and the rest was history. She is already spoiled; has a new harness inetad of a collar and a special bed made from the swoft velour blankets. New toys and spoiled with lots of love. She's 1 -1/2 yrs old and her features are very delicate. Long legs and can run upto 20 miles an hour as they are a very athelitic breed and they love to run. Just thought we would share our new joy with you all.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Reposting of Operation Write Home Cards

Here are the last few I needed to repost due to some mix up on the computer.

Operation Write Home Cards

Something went crazy on my blog so I have had to repost some of the older post to get it back up and running. As stated before I have been involved in making cards for the Operation Write Home ( for the military to send to their loved ones cards and let them know they are thinking of them. Little hard to locate cards when you are far away from any store and from what I understand there isn't much for them to purchase in PBX, so by doing this, it helps boost their morale by sending love and hugs to family members at home. For the month of March we sent over 65,000 cards and that included Mother's Day Cards! Care packages are filled with hundreds of homemade blank cards for them to select from. You really need to go onto the website and learn more as this is a worthy cause ladies! Here are some more cards that have been posted previously, but due to the glitch must be reposted again. If there ever was a cause other than the cause for Cancer to send cards I would have to say this is it! There is coloring pages that you can download for your students, sunday school children and grandkids to color and to even a form for them to write a hero a letter. This means so much to them. I hope you will take the time to dedicate some cards. As Sandy said its not the quantity but the quality of the cards. So if you can only due 5 a month great and if more than that is awesome! Be sure to check the schedule of when they are needing certain holiday cards. But mostly needed is birthday, thinking of you, miss you, thank you and especially cards that are aimed at children. They love getting mail from their mommies and daddies! Enjoy!