Monday, October 17, 2011

My Granddaughter is Awesome!

If Grandparents don't brag who will? LOL!!! Saturday was my GD soccer game. She was excited not only did they win 10-0, but she also made three goalies!!!! WooHoo!!!! Her coach commended her on a job well done! I thought I would share some pics of her and then one of her and her fantastic coach. I just was thrilled for her!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Prize Drawing for Ladies Retreat

These are cards that I made for the Ladies Retreat for a prize drawing I went to last weekend. There are 3 others but somehow they got deleted and these were the only two that remained on my camera. I will have to see if the lady who received them will take additional pictures for me to post. I hate when I forget to take pictures of my creations.

Baby Card from Art Philosphy Cartridge

Since I have the Cricut Expression and now the new Cricut Expression 2 machines, I figured I had better start making cards instead of relying on store bought ones. My little neighbor Tara is expecting her first and thought she would enjoy a homemade card instead of a store bought one. Working full-time, takes away from the creativity and you gals who are able to stay home and play while kids are in school, my hat is off to you. Someday I will be able too hopefully! This card was made using the Cricut Art Philsophy Cartridge by Creative Memories. It is a great cartridge and I see many cards in the future being made from this very cartridge. I believe I like the E2 Machine better than the original. I mean afterall it has 17 more buttons to do what you wish, bigger screen and most of all it just seems to operate better than the first edition. I thought about selling my first one, but have decided against it; as I know as I began to make holiday gifts I can have 2 going at the same time. I didn't have any baby DP so I made my own, using stamps from different SU sets and the baby's name was made with thicklet letters, although after I had put everything away, I could of used the alphabet on the cartridge. LOL!!!