Thursday, February 25, 2010

Finally...I've left some love :)

Okay I think I have finally caught up visiting all of your sweet gals blogs and leaving love on your beautiful creations. I know it was promised way back when after the move, but life has finally settled down and I can now began staying on top of things of blogging, emailing and creating. I should have some pics this weekend to share. Hope you all have a great weekend. By the way I forgot to mention when commenting on your blog, please grab the award that is below this post as it goes out to all of you in the various groups on my side bar. Hugs everyone!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sharing a Blog Award

So many of you are truly an inspiration to me and continue to be faithful in your comments on my blog and it was so hard to chose just five bloggers to award this too , so I have decided to award this to all that are listed on my side bar and hope that you will share it with the others who are deserving of it. Rules pass it on to 5 bloggers who may not have received this award yet.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Hope you all are having a great weekend. Mine consisted of being involved in a "Valentine Bazaar" and it was a smashing success!!! I was little apprehensive in being it as I wasn't sure what kind of turn out we would have due to the weather (cold, rain and it being the Superbowl weekend) and not being a really big holiday compared to Christmas, but I was glad I was involved as I sold everything I had made and could have sold more if

I had known it would be such a great success LOL! Here are some of the items I sold. My Photograph cards were a success as well and those pictures can be seen in the archive labels. I made several of these large and small pail containers filled with Hershey Kisses. I was able to find them in bulk at $2.29 lb instead of purchasing several of the 10oz bags at $4.79 a piece! These were a big hit for the mothers who visited the bazaar as a valentine gift for their children to give to their teachers. I did not realize how fast the Hershey filled Sour Cream Containers would go! I stamped the acetate using Stazon Ink to decorate them. Two ladies came in made their rounds through the bazaar, came to my spot and bought them all. Again I could have made 100 of them and I believe there would not of been one left. (I'll remember this next time) LOL! These were so easy to make and I should had thought to make these back at Christmas time. I saw these heart suckers and knew I could do something with them and decided to use my Cricut cartridge Tags, Bags and More to make the cover for these suckers. I ran them through the cuttlebug using the the new Valentine folders to give them a special look. The MS punch I used was the lattice heart. I was fortunate enough to be asked to be in another one in March by one of the other crafters at the bazaar who is in charge of it. So I am now busy working on what I plan on selling and of course ideas are running through my head as I type this and we shall see how much I get done with these grandure ideas running through my head. Hope the Lord blesses you this week in some way as we gear up for Valentines Day.