Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hi Everyone!!!

It's hard to believe its been 6 weeks since I last posted on here, but time has a way of getting away from you. Hubby finished up his radiation about 2 weeks ago and is doing good. The radiation continues to work in the body for another three weeks. We go back to the radiologist on July 5 to see if any further treatment is needed. Crossing fingers (xx) that the cancer has been completely eradicated. We go back to USC on the July 11th for another MRI to see how everything compares to the first MRI they took. Hubby has kind of gotten back to himself, yesterday we went to see an opthamologist to get him glasses to keep the right eye strengthen and from being so strained as it has been these last few months. He has cut back on the pain meds and that has seem to help him have more energy and easier to be around. At the end of this month we are going with friends over to the coast for 4 days and I think that will do him good to get away form the ordinary routine and hum drum of everyday of being home. I have been working on projects and will be posting them as soon as I get the pictures unloaded from camera. Thank you for all your prayers, they certainly have worked for him and are still needed until this journey ends.