Monday, July 4, 2011


I hope everyone will be having a wonderful day celebrating our freedom. May you have a wonderful and blessed day of family, friends, swimming, bbqing, eating watermelon and games. Take a moment today to stop and say a thankful prayer for our military men and women who are fighting to protect our freedom. Without them we could be like many other countries who are at war and not peace. We as Americans have so much to be thankful for and we at times forget how fortunate we are to live in this wonderful country where we can have the freedom to express our beliefs, the way we dress and who we can befriend. May your day and evening be full of fireworks.


Friday, July 1, 2011


Forgot to add these two pictures to last post. Was interrupted and just realized they were not showing up...uhmm because I never loaded them. LOL!!! Thanks for looking.

Cricut Expression & Gypsy-So This Is What I Can Do...

Okay, I know that the Cricut Expression and the Gypsy has been around for quite sometime and I have had mine for a year or so, but really had not played with it until hubby asked how come you don't use these? You have 30 cartridges and just had to have them! Needless to say he made me feel really guilty about not using these wonderful "Toys" and since I have seen so many items, cards, wall decor made with these fantabulous machines, I figured it was time to get it out , set it up in my room and get to know how to use it. I even had custom ordered special cozies for the Expression, the Gypsy and the Cuttlebug to match through Kathy's Cozies Etsy shop! I think I was more hindered about cutting the correct size, using the correct pressure, speed and so on. OWH had a challenge for the month of June for the Second Million and stated that although the general cards were being asked for, the military men and women were asking for Thinking of You and Love cards to send home to their loved ones. I began to go through my cartridges to see which ones I could cut to make these requested cards. As you can see I manged to come up with 3 using the machine, besides the cuttlebug and Stampin Up Punches. In making these cards it has now made me want to use the CE more. I spent 3 hours last night working on the gypsy designing new cards to cut for this weekend. I have now become addicted to it and laugh at myself as to why it took me so long to use this wonderful machine. My head is already spinning on sayings I want to do throughout my home with vinyl and Christmas gifts that will be one of a kind. Of course with the release of new cartridges on Hello Thursday, it won't take me long before I am purchasing the newest carts that are being offered. LOL! I hope that these cards that have been made and sent to OWH will be liked by some military person and the one receiving it, will feel the love and warmth from the sender. I plan on making some Anniversary cards that can be sent home as well. Needless to say there endless ideas, and thousands of combinations that can be used to make cards, gifts and so on. Since I'm off for four days due to the long Holiday I will be busy in my craftroom designing and making another batch of cards to send to OWH.