Saturday, March 24, 2012

Where Does Time Go???

I have finally gotten back into my room again. With Hubby starting his cancer treatments, things have been in a whirlwind. We just finished his 3rd week of the 7 weeks of radiation. But that may change as we are headed to USC on Wednesday as there seems to maybe (xx crossing fingers) be a change in the treatment plan. All I know is his doctor down there insisted on seeing him Wednesday and explained to me that we would be her last appointment as she needed to talk with us at length, so I am going to go out on the limb and say that maybe the "big surgery" will be taking place. Radiation takes an awful toll on your body and my sweet hubby is trying to be a trooper, but the pain in his face and his body slowing down just breaks my heart. Anyway please continue to pray for him, the doctors and what lies ahead for us. Thank you to all the ladies from SCS who continue to send him cards of support, encouragement and inspiration. You have no idea how much it lightens his day up when he receives cards from ladies who don't even know him but know me through SCS especially when its a bad day after his treatment. I have managed to get two tiles done with quotes for my friend Vikki. Two neighbors happen to pop by when I was finishing this one up and each of them requested one as well done one on gray tile with white vinyl and the other one done with a black tile done in grey vinyl. I will be placing these for sale in my etsy store soon. Have a wonderful evening!

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