Friday, March 2, 2012

For A Friend

This saying known as the "Serenity Prayer" is used for many organizations. It is used for AA, Drug Rehab, the loss of a loved one and so on. A dear sweet friend of mine asked me if that prayer could be placed on a 12x12 tile similar to the one I had made for her as a gift for Christmas (different saying). I told her I didn't think it would be a problem, just would have to critique the font sizes. I asked who it was for and she stated for her daughter as she would be coming out of rehab in about 28 days. Her daughter had made a comment that she really liked that prayer as it was used at the facility she was at now and when she got out and was at home, she wanted to see it daily to remind her that no matter how tough things can get that she can get through it. Its funny how when you are doing a special request/gift for someone and they select a certain quote or as in this case a prayer how it can help you yourself. I too had forgotten about this prayer and it reminded me that with all that I am going through with my hubby, that I too can benefit from it to help keep me calm and know that God will give me serenity, courage and wisdom to get through our long journey ahead. We really never know the power of a quote/prayer and how it affects each of us differently until we are on a rocky road full of obstacles and yet knowing at the end it will finally be smooth and easy to walk on.

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