Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Prayers Have Been Answered!!!!!!

Hubby's first treatment is tomorrow the 29th!!!!!!! But let me step back in time for a moment to get us to where we are today.

2/22/12~~~I first want to say...THANK YOU TO ALL YOU PRAYER WARRIORS FOR WAYNE!!!! Warning this is a long post. LOL!!! Friday, February 17th was to be just a consultation at the Florence Wheeler Cancer Center. Hubby and I went in with the expectation that the Dr would have the results of the PETA scan and then make suggestions as to what treatment plan would be and then we would have to wait for further authorization for treatment. He had great bedside manners, and the people who work at the center are so sincere and compassionate. He said the PETA scan was clear as there were no other hot spots in the body.YEA!!!!! He looked at my hubby and said Mr. Burgess why did this take so long? As you definitely need this taken care of as he is looking through the chart. He said I believe that radiation will take care of this and if by chance it doesn't then what is ever remaining will be taken care of by the Dr at USC. But I firmly believe we can handle it all here and the only appointment you will need to see the surgeon at USC will be for him to correct your lid, since it has stretched so much...in other words a nip and tuck, to be able to see. Anyway, he stated that they needed to do another MRI with and without contrast, as well as a CT Scan with and without contrast and he needed to have his lab work done again. He said let me get the nurse and get this arranged; as he left the room I looked at him and said well we are another step closer and I said to hubby I need to tell him to be sure to mark it "stat" or the insurance company would put it on the back burner. I got up to tell him this and and he came back into the room and said, there is no need for any further authorization but I said it says only one visit on the authorization form. He smiled, placed his hand on my shoulder and said this is the authorization for treatment to begin TODAY!!!! We looked at each other and I just started crying! Hubby had tears as well plus a loud sigh of "Finally!!!"All tests were ran blood work, everything and was read back to us. They made a mask for hubbys face that will be placed on him as they do the radiation. It will then be screwed to the table to keep his head still and non-moveable during each treatment. We arrived at the center at 8:30 and left at 4:30. I told him this was the best 8 hours we have ever spent. They will be mapping out the radiation and once the doctor approves of the site where the radiation will be used it will begin as soon as Tuesday, or Wednesday the 29th the latest. So am I jumping for joy? Am I elated with pure joy? Oh you have no idea!!!! We feel like a 1000 pounds has been lifted off of our shoulders!!! Wayne is in better spirits today and his pain level is lessening. The doctor put him on cortisone to help get the swelling down and inflammation. GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!!! Everyone thank you for your prayers; please continue to pray for the cancer to be completely gone once the 7 weeks is up.

We have had several friends say they would be willing to help get him back and forth to his appointments so I wouldn't have to miss so much work, which has help relieve major financial burden off my shoulders. Our friends who offered were, Erica, Donyl, Rose and Chuck and we have truly been blessed by all of them who are willing to help when they can; but to have my ex-husband Geoff and his wife Vikki offer their help is really a blessing!!! I mean really think about it....how many ex's and their spouses would be willing to help you that you were once married to? I know to some of you that may sound strange, but through the years, differences have been set aside and we have become close friends or should I say more like extended family; we have stayed in touch with each other through holidays, birthdays, milestones in each others lives, in our losses of losing our parents, and so on. It has been good to have them as friends, knowing that we are there for each other and also because we are all now proud grandparents of 5 beautiful grandkids given to us by our children. I can't begin to thank the Lord enough for all who come forward to give us support and help in making sure my hubby gets well. They are truly angels in my eyes. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Papercrafting Beach Bum said...

What a beautiful post. I am so happy you're so blessed to have all this support. Prayers for you and Wayne and blessings on your friends.