Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weekend Is Almost Here!

Just thought I would check in and say I am still here. No pictures of a card today. This weekend is my birthday and I am so excited as my daughter Vanessa will be spending Friday through Sunday with me. We haven't had a mom/daughter one on one time in quite sometime and both of us are planning to go do some shopping, lunch and then come back and hang out in my craftroom, have a glass of wine or two and be crafty. I think last time we did this was last year and it was only for a day as Reece her youngest one was not use to being away from mom for long periods of time. Knowing her, she will want to go through all the stuff I have and see what can be made. I think in all honesty I could open up my own craft store and I am sure there are many of you out there who can say the same thing. LOL!!! My DH has made a nice surprise for me and refinished a desk for my craftroom that he located that someone was throwing away. Just needed to be sanded down, new knobs and painted it black and white. I will have to upload a pictures so you all can see. He also found a kitchen island that had been used as a drafting desk and took it completely apart, sanded it and painted it black and white to go with the desk, and my room is finally starting to come together and looking sharp! You know what they say 'One Man's Trash is another Man's Treasure". I am very fortunate to have a hubby who can fix anything and build anything. He has saved us major $$$$ throughout these last 19 years! Anyway, hope you all have a great weekend that is forthcoming and I will have cards to post on Monday and pics of the desk and island.

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