Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Questions Regarding Ornaments

I have had so many compliments on the ceramic ornaments and also many questions. LOL! I will see if I can answer them according to who asked. And if you have a question that has not been addressed, don't hesitate to contact me.

So here it goes:

Shelly asked....How many do you make each season? Depends. I always make for all of my immediate family which is 13. Then there are those who have seen theirs and want one so I guess I could roughly say maybe a total of 40-50. But if it is for the ACS Relay For Life Bazaar I will make close to 200!

Paige asked...Any chance of getting a group shot of all the ornaments? Sure, as soon as I finish up on the others I am working on I'll be sure to take group picture.

Jenn asked...Where do you buy the plain ornaments? I ususally get them at Michael's and was very fortunate to be able to purchase what they had left for 10 cents a piece and I have a total of 120 in boxes right now and as soon as they are put out I will begin to buy more a little at a time.

Traci asked...Who is the snowman by? The snowman is by Inkadinkadoo. It came in a set with snowflakes, sentiments. I got it at Michaels last year, but I think if you went on their website they may have them there.

Jennifer asked...Tip on keeping the stamp from sliding. When stamping make sure you don't oversaturate the stamp. I have found through many trials of error when I first began making them that it is better to lightly stamp the image and if you decide you want it more prominent then wipe off and apply the ink a little is just a matter of patience and error.

Sankari asked...Any chance of a Tutorial? Yes, but need to locate a video camera first LOL!!!! I don't own one personally but daughter does and maybe after she gets moved in her home she will loan it to me.

Melissa asked...Ink Type used? I have found that Stazon seems to work best, but you can try others but would have to seal it with a matte finish so it won't rub off.

Heidi asked...What do you use to color the images? It all depends on the image itself. I have used Sharpie Finepoints and regular Sharpies, Bic Markers, Colorbox Cat Eye Chalk Pads, and sometimes the Copics. I have found with Copics that they seem to streak so I rarely use them.


Shelly Schmidt said...

Thanks for all of the answers- I cannot wait to see the group shot of all of the ornaments!

Heidi said...

I am thinking this is an awesome gift! May I ask what you use to color them in with then?

Vicki said...

Great info, Deb! Thanks for taking the time. You are such an awesome talent! Blessings to you!

Kathy said...

I was thinking of asking you for a tutorial, too. So glad you are planning to do one. Thanks for answering so many questions, looking forward to trying these this year.

Mary G. said...

Thanks for all of the tips. I just might have to try making some of these! They'd make cute tie-ons for presents...but, of course, I doubt very seriously that mine would turn out as beautiful as yours!

Traci said...

Thanks for all the tips! You are a very busy lady to make over 200 of those but they are so gorgeous!

Amy said...

Thanks so much for answering all the questions--those ornaments are fabulous! Maybe I'll work up the nerve to try this LOL!

Naomi said...

Thanks for this! Some of these were questions I wanted to ask you myself!