Monday, January 19, 2009

Purse for the Princess

I was giving my sister a surprise 40th birthday party and had made favor purses for all of her friends. There were made just out of card stock and decorated with items of lip gloss, file, candle and candy in them and there was no need for them to be extra sturdy as they wouldn't be carrying them with them everywhere they went. My Granddaughter had seen them sitting on my work table and had inquired if she was going to get one since she would be attending the party. Of course I couldn't say no. LOL!! So I went to the local shop and found this purse that could be altered. I chose the princess theme papers from Disney and of course I had to have Princess Aurora on it for the snap closure since that was her "FAVORITE" Disney Princess. I painted the entire purse in a hot pink and then proceeded to cut the pattern that I had drawn out to apply the Disney papers that were already sparkly. I then glittered the opening flap with crystal glitter to make it all sparkly and glitzy to match the rest of the purse. I cut 6" ribbon lengths in the colors of the paper design and tied them to the handle of the purse. I found all kinds of little princess trinkets to put inside. She was so elated about the purse that we didn't hear a peep out of her the whole evening while the party was going on. She was sitting over in the corner next to all the gifts. She is so funny as she doesn't let any of her friends touch it, because her Grandma made it especially for her. LOL!!!

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