Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy New Year!

I know this is really, really late, but I made a vow that as one of my new years resolutions was to keep this blog updated for family and friends (which hasn't happened due to illness and year end at work) and add the artwork I have been working on which means going back a ways, but that is okay right?

I hope the new year will be prosperous to each and everyone of you. With economic times being the way they are, it seems as if spending on un-necessary items is becoming a habit for all of us. As I sit here and look in my craftroom, I think Good Grief! I have so much stuff!!!!! Papers, embellishments, stamp sets, books, punches, ribbons, and so on and really need to use up what I have before buying any new items. Oh sure there are some "I want/need that..stamp set, paper, punch or whatever, but NO! I am going to hold back on spending any $$ for 6 months. I think back to the monies I spent last year and go whew!!!! why did I do that? Its just been tucked away and collecting dust on the shelves. LOL!!!!!!!! I did manage to sell some of my stamp sets that haven't been used in over a year and was fortunate to get some great $$$ for them. Okay enough about my spending habits. LOL!! I would like to share some pics from our Christmas this year of the little ones; Christmas through the eyes of a child is like none other.

This is our granddaughter Calie who is 11 months here. She was having a ball with the sound of all the paper and the excitement of everyone else opening gifts. Her hair has finally started growing and for some reason it is growing really thick an fast just on top of her head. LOL!!! She had a bow on, but she took it off right before I snapped the picture. Little Stinker!

Here is my first granddaughter and of course she is about as Girly Girl as you can get. She would rather wear dresses than pants or shorts even when it is cold outside, always has to have her hair just "perfect" and everything matching (reminds me of her mother at this age). She had wanted these Princess Aurora earrings for quite sometime and was elated when she got them for Christmas.
Here is our first grandson. He is so into "Thomas The Train". Between his grandparents , parents and of course Santa, I think he got just about every piece of track and train stuff not to mention the DVD's we found. Christmas was wonderful this year.His little brother Maurice (4 months) our second grandson is pictured here being talked to by his Daddy and making him laugh so I would have a great picture of him. Okay I am off to locate the pictures of the work I have done. I know I have them, just need to locate the disk! LOL!!! Have a great Saturday and will be back to update.

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