Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Son Is A CHP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to share with you that my son is officially now a CHP!!! His graduation was yesterday and was just wonderful and of course his wife couldn't be any happier. It was a day of lots of happy tears and joy and a big celebration is being planned for him tomorrow as I write this. I have to say that he has come out being a stronger and more disciplined man and it is so evident when you see how he carry's himself and the way he had such a high respect for his commanders. God is so good and definitely watched over his little family while he was away at the academy. Now a new chapter is about to begin in this sweet family's life and I couldn't be any happier for them. Please keep him in your prayers for safety as he begins this job of keeping our highways safer as well as the residents.


Michelle Walpole said...

What a wonderful event. I bet you are all so proud!

Carisa said...

awww, you're a proud mama! what a cutie and great looking couple! :)