Thursday, June 2, 2011


I have been feverishly working on more cards for OWH and think I am about ready to get them packed up an sent out to the distribution center. I have made myself go out of the comfort zone and tried to not over embellish them so I could get many more made at one time, but it must be the OCD in me that makes me think it needs just one more thing. In essence the boyish cards are easier as you can't really add ribbons, glitter and bling to them. But I think they have turned out okay especially since they are designed for kids and they really aren't going to care as they will be excited to receive a card from either Mommy or Daddy who is away overseas. These were digital stamps that were free on someone's blog and I failed to put the name of the digital designer in the file name, so if this is yours, please let me know so I can give credit due to the artist. The same goes for the girly ones Ihave made, again I failed to type the artists name for these free digi images as well. I am now making sure I type the name so when they are printed I can write the name on the back of the image lightly with pencil. I hope that whoever selects these out of the many boxes that are shipped will enjoy sending them to their children. I have some others to share with you but will post another set tomorrow. I need to try and post daily as some have emailed me and said they have missed my blog not being updated and wondering when I am going to be showing more of the cards I make with pictures that was photogrpahed when we had our photography business. I'm thinking that some of them might be appreciated overseas as I know they don't get to see a lot of flowers, or things that we take for granted for here in the states. have a great evening. All cardstock used was Stamping Up along with various scraps of printed paper I had.

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Dawn said...

love these cards. Love the one with the yellow bird on the other post. Nice work.