Friday, February 21, 2014

I think the Mojo has Begun to Return....

I am finally moved into my new place, everything is put away and unpacked except for 5 boxes. Still have to paint the accent walls and put pictures up as well as all the drapes, but for the most part I'm pretty settled. I had saved my craft room for last to unpack so I could take my time going through things I've had for years, organizing all the crafty items and arranging so it would be easy to reach when crafting at my desk. My sweet son came over and got all my shelves hung in my craft room and that's when I really began to unpack as now there was a place for everything out of each box. I came across a box of cards I had started two years ago, but when Wayne became ill I stopped and just kind of threw all the pieces in the box thinking I would get to them soon, but that was not the case. So now all settled in my new home, I decided to pull out the box, looking at all I had placed in there 2 years ago and reminiscing of why I had cut, punched and placed the embellishments in it and decided last night to assemble and make a card. I'm sure this wasn't one I had planned on, but it was like putting a puzzle together and this is what I came up with. Simple but elegant I think. But it just feels good to start getting my creativity back and do what my heart has missed doing for so long.

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