Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy Birthday......

Hope all had a good weekend. I tried to keep myself busy as to not to dwell on all that seems to be hitting me all at once, I know God has it and its all in His timing, but I still worry until He answers or shows me a solution. Praying for ...understanding from some friends of things that are beyond my control. Feeling really alone this last week and yet I know I'm not, manage to unpack one more box and came across things of Wayne's, not sure how this keeps happening as I swear I've placed all his things in the memorial box, and of course emotions flowed freely and glad I was home when it happened...but I guess its God's way of showing me that yes I'm healing, but still have a ways to go and to stay focused on Him. I manage to make another card this weekend, not as detailed, but at least the creative juices are flowing, now if I can just get everything else flowing the same way I'll be doing good. God is good no matter the rough journey I'm experiencing right now.

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Vickie said...

What a gorgeous card, Deborah!!!

I hopped around your blog a bit and saw some of the tiles you made. They are wonderful!!!

Do you have an etsy shop?

See you soon on facebook, AHS classmate!

Hugs and prayers for you, too!!!