Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm Still Here..

Nothing new to post or to show as I haven't quite gotten back onto the creative mood. Its taken me this long to force myself to go up to my craft room. Wayne did so built so many things for me in there to make the room perfect and his presence is heavily felt when I'm up there and I know you're saying "that should be a good thing" but trust me it is very hard. Just looking at all he has done, has brought me to gut wrenching tears.

So little by little I'm making it back up there even if its only 5 minutes at a time. Please continue to follow me. I have lots of things I want to make and share, but timing is still not quite there for me.

Hugs to all who have visited. Please leave comments so I know you're still following me. :)

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Louise Fox said...

There is no rush - for anything! You are healing by God's grace and that is the most important thing - it doesn't matter how long it takes! Remember the line from Amazing Grace "We've no less time to sing God's praise. . ." When you are ready to create again, you will know it and your creations will be richer than before because your life experiences from these past months will be ready a part of your creation. I pray for you my sister in Christ! Blessings, Louise in Frazier Park.