Thursday, May 9, 2013

Another Craft Moment...

Can't believe its been over 2 months since I have posted on here, but when you're in the process of grieving, you totally forget about everything that ever mattered to you or the hobbies that you once did. BUt God is pushing me little by little to get back into my room and start crafting. I have a piece to show you, as this was a special day (April 21, 2013) as my sweet friend Marcie Gray came to California to help ready her parents to move back to Tennessee. In her week of being here, she was going to be singing at Pastor Ron Barker's church in Tehachapi and wanted to give him a momento from some of the "old" members from Panama Church in Bakersfield. We put our heads together and found the perfect verse and then added the names in attendance. I forgot how much I enjoyed designing speciality tiles with a certain verse for someone. This was done on a 12x18 Tile and black vinyl was used. I can't remember the cartridges I used, but will come back and update once I find my notes. Excuse the flash, as the church was kind of dark when it was taken.

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