Saturday, April 4, 2009


Can you guess where this picture was taken? If you know my DH and I, then you would know it was taken at our favorite place to always go and spend time and act like a kid about 40 times throughout the year (not kidding on how much we go) it is Disneyland!!!! They have the most beautiful flowers in all varieties and landscapes throughout the their parks and around the hotels not to mention Downtown Disney. DH and I are premium pass holders which allows you to go 365 days a year with no restrictions. We were over in frontier land when we spotted these beautiful blooms. The yellows and reds are so vibrant in color and you just couldn't help but be cheerful because of the colors. Don't they just scream "SPRING"? We actually had this picture (a much larger size of course) up in our home when we first moved into the new house 4 years ago. I had done the guest bathroom in reds and yellows and it definitely was bright since there was a skylight in there as well. It has since been taken down and placed in our portfolio. Hope this card made you smile today!

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shellpole said...

Definitely screams spring. Beautiful colours!