Sunday, February 15, 2009

I just love these stamps!

Afternoon all! I hope this Sunday is finding you all well and not having bad weather. Our weather has decided to turn for the worst and the winds are hitting us hard today. Expect to get upto 80 miles per hour within the next two hours and it will bring the rain and the snow to the mountain area. So this was a perfect day to get comfy and stamp away in my studio. I have just fallen in LOVE with Susana's Custom Art & Card Designs Fairie Song Stamps. This is another one that I just had to have. It is a smaller one than Nadine, but just the same it could so easily be used for welcoming a new baby or a special occasion for Mother and Daughter Event. I choose the purple/lavendar color scheme for this stamp. I used the Primacolors Markers Lilac and Deco Pink for the clothing, Light Peach for the skin coloring, Deco Mauve to get acents to the wings themselves. Deco Yellow was used for the smaller fairy's hair and a blend of Golden Rod and Pumpkin Orange for the larger fairy's haircolor and then I accented the wings in the Shimmerz Angel Wings over the coloring of the pink and lavendar blend wings. I think it turned out rather nicely. i cut out the image with an X-acto knife and then 3-D it on top of the lavendar Martha Stewart Branch Leaf and added 2" shear ribbon and lavendar Kaiser Rhinestones. I hope you enjoy her as much I did making it. Have a great Day!


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Elizabeth said...

Another gorgeous card! I love the embossed heart and the way you colored the Fairie. The weather has been unseasonal here on the east coast as well. It has been in the mid 50 and 60s which is very warm for us this time of year. We had a couple of windy days last week but not 80 mph. Stay safe!

Carisa said...

Purple is my favorite and I just adore these fairies!!! Great card.