Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I Miss His Creative Eye........

It's not the 6x6 size you've recently seen in the last few posts, but the normal size 4-1/4x5-1/2. And a little less decorative.
As I assembled and made this card, tears formed and I remember this day Wayne took this picture. We had stopped along the side of the road. We had been driving for almost 7 hours from San Diego due to heavy traffic where we had photographed a beautiful and magical wedding at Camp Pendleton.
The traffic was awful, so he decided to pull over so we could stretch our legs. He turned and said bring me the camera I see a perfect opportunity for a picture, knowing not to argue with him even though we were both exhausted, I got the camera and asked which lens and he said the macro. By the time I got the camera out and loaded the lens on and flash he was laying on the ground!!!!!
If you knew him and his photography perfectionism you'd understand why. LOL!!! I thought okay maybe he sees a special kind of bug or a small animal for that matter. Then when I saw him photographing a dandelion I really thought okay he's lost it! But what I didn't see until he handed me the camera was the beautiful sunset that he saw was happening and wanted to capture it in a unique way.
Even back then in 2006 he was so in tuned to God and he said didn't God give us a beautiful sunset just now? I stood in awe looking at him and then back at the picture he had just taken. I remember asking him what made you take this picture? He said I saw the sunset then I looked down and thought Hmmm I wonder? I still stood in awe looking at him and remembering my thoughts of Lord, you surely have given this man an amazing eye to capture the beauty you give us to look at. Wayne had an eye for the unusual and amazing pictures.
I wish I could share with you all the weddings he took, how he captured the love, the purity between a couple. How he could make a shy flower girl twirl in her dress, capturing the look on the mothers face as her son takes a wife...there are so many memories of him taking all the perfect pictures. I have so many beautiful pictures he's taken over the years we had our business, pictures that will be reflected in cards to come, but on nights like tonight, I truly miss him and his God given gift of showing how we all should appreciate the beauty that God surrounds us with each day

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